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Kombucha Home Brew

Kombucha Home Brew, Kombucha is a fermented food, which is a great thing to have in ones diet in moderation. I recommend drinking no more than 1 cup per day. The origins of kombucha are unclear, but it most likely dates back thousands of year to ancient China. While I question some of the wilder health claims, like that it can cure cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, I do believe that if you enjoy how it tastes, it is a wonderful alternative to soda or to that afternoon Starbucks. Personally, I find it gives me a slight, steady increase in energy and focus. 

After a year of experimentations I’ve finally figured out how to make great kombucha (most of the time). I use this recipe as a my baseline. Below I've added a few things I've figured out to make the brew a success!

1. First Round of Fermentation Tips 

Boil half the water add all of the tea bags and sugar and let it cool for 10 minutes. Next, add the rest of the water and let it sit until it comes to room temperature. 

2. Second Round of Fermentation Tips:  

I use the bottles she recommends because a tight seal is vital to getting a good fizz going. My favorite flavor combination is ginger, lemon, honey. In the beginning I would grate and press my own ginger juice. If you have the time and patience to do this I applaud you! I have started to use 1 teaspoon of ginger juice (by either The Ginger People or Santa Cruz). I also add 1 piece of ginger candy cut up and   1-2 teaspoons of honey. In the fall I add a splash of apple cider and slightly less honey. In the summer I add pureed blueberries or other fresh fruits.