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Buy Cleanse Soups

Buy Cleanse Soups -

Are you too busy, or are you simply intimidated to do all of the cooking for yourself during your cleanse? Sign up for a supported cleanse and I will do some of the cooking for you.

Want to eat cleanse food but don't want to come to meetings? Sign up for the food only. Ilana will do all of the cooking for you.

What You Will Receive

Two cleanse soups, (5 servings of each), at each meeting.

Sample soups

Emerald Green Soup, Carrot Basil Soup, Asparagus Soup, Sweet Potato & Kale Soup


$60 for 10 generous servings,  (5 servings of each soup)

"The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Ilana's cooking is its freshness. Her veggies always feel bright, vibrant, full of life.  Her dishes are creative and simple at the same time, in my opinion the mark of a great cook."

--Sabrina, mother, therapist

 Ilana Margalit