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Lice treatment

When my oldest son was three I was introduced to the world of lice! The whole family was infected. After the initial moments of horror and panic subsided I remembered about the Chinese herbal treatment for lice--the herb Bai Bu (Stemona Root). It has been used in China for thousands of years to treat lice. I found it incredibly effective for my family as have several of my clients since then. It is non-toxic. It kills both the lice and the nits (eggs).

1 bag of Bai Bu (half pound, enough for 4-6 treatments) 

$16 plus tax

(On sale only for clients in the Newton/Boston area. Please contact me if you would like a bag.)

Treatment Directions:

1. Place herbs in a large pot and add 1 gallon of water. Simmer the Bai Bu for 45 minutes.

2. Let herbs cool. Then strain out the herbs so you are left with only liquid. Put liquid in a spray bottle. 

3. Hold spray bottle 4-6 inches from head. Spray on DRY hair and entire scalp. Thoroughly saturate entire scalp. To be effective all lice and nits must come in full contact with the herbs. Let the Bai Bu dry on the hair. It will have a sticky quality.

4. Do the above treatment 2-4 times. It is best to begin at night one hour before bed. (Although you can begin the first treatment in the afternoon if that is how the timing works out.) Do a 2nd treatment the following morning. Apply the 3rd and 4th treatments on consecutive nights.

5. Meanwhile, wash all the sheets, pillow cases and clothing involved.


 Ilana Margalit