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What Happens In a Session
I offer you my presence, my compassion, my gentle touch, and my abilities to uncover core patterns of imbalance to help you restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Each session is custom designed for you. Using pulse, tongue, and Chinese medical pattern diagnosis, I will develop a treatment strategy to support your return to balance. Depending on the situation, in a session I may draw upon any one or more of the following Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of healing: acupuncture, herbal therapy, nourishment counseling and acupressure massage.


Nourishment counseling  $150 per hour (pro-rated)

• Initial sessions generally last 1.5 hours. Follow up sessions usually last 1 hour.


• Initial session:  $130 --  1.5 hours long.

• Follow up sessions: $90 --1 hour long.



“Ilana is a sensitive, caring person who brings peace and joy with her just by walking into the room.  She is very gentle and augments her acupuncture treatments with an extensive knowledge of nutrition.  A real gem.  Thank you, Ilana!”

--Sally, mom

 Ilana Margalit