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Cleanse This Spring!

Spring is a time of re-birth--at it’s core it inspires us renew ourselves! It is a wonderful time to cleanse your body of toxins, reinvigorate your whole being, and cultivate good habits so that you feel deeply alive in body, mind and spirit. Join me for an inspiring group cleanse! Learn how great you feel when you feed yourself vibrantly alive, simple foods. Cleansing with a guide in a group setting provides you with a safe, nourishing place so that you can most fully experience the cleanse.

During the cleanse you will have the guidance to:

• Simplify your digestion and increase elimination.
• Let go of excess weight.
• Release patterns and clutter that no longer support you.
• Take charge of your health and increase your energy.
• Learn to cook delicious meals with whole foods.
• Connect with your soul’s desires.

Cleanse meeting schedule

• 3 group meetings, 1-1.5 hours each (depending on the size of the group.)
• Individual phone consults in between each cleanse meeting (10 minutes each).
• Ongoing phone and email support as needed throughout the cleanse.

Organize Your Own Cleanse Group

Choose the days and times that work for you! Be in touch with Ilana by phone or email to set this up.

Cleanse Cooking Support

Check out the cooking cleanse support I am offering.

Cost of Cleanse

Group Cleanse

(4 or more participants) $250 for new participants (includes cleanse workbook), $230 for returning participants

Private cleanse groups

•The cost for a cleanse with 1-2 people is $350 per person for new participants, $330 for returning participants.

• The cost for a semi-private cleanse (3 people) is $320 per person for new cleansers and $300 per person for returning participants.

To Register

For more information or to sign up for a cleanse please contact Ilana:
ilana@ilanamargalit.com, 617. 642. 5328.

* Please note this cleanse is not appropriate for pregnant or nursing women or anyone with a serious illness.

This cleanse was developed by Halé Sofia Schatz: heartofnourishment.com.



 “As a mother, physician, and health enthusiast, I have long thought about the impact of our food choices on our health and our environment; however, I was amazed by the power of the two week cleanse I did with Ilana. Just making the commitment forced me to slow down and see on an even more granular level how some of the food choices I had been making were impacting my energy levels and moods. I felt more calm and grounded even in the midst of a chaotic clinical day! Thank you for this gift of the cleanse - one I am now considering revisiting on a regular basis..”

Katherine, mom, family physician

 Ilana Margalit