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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Nourishment Cleanse Workshops

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons to cleanse! Release winter heaviness as you cleanse your body of toxins and reinvigorate your whole being. Cultivate habits of mindful eating so that you feel deeply alive in body, mind and spirit. This is a food-based cleanse, not a fast.

Form your own group!

This option give you the flexibility to hand pick your group and choose the days and times that work for you. Please be in touch with Ilana by phone or email to arrange this group option.

In this Nourishment Cleanse Workshop you will have the guidance to:

• Reduce inflammation and boost your immune system.
• Release patterns of eating that no longer support you.
• Take charge of your health and increase your energy.
• Let go of excess weight.
• Learn to cook delicious meals with whole foods.
• Connect with others on this journey.
• Connect with you soul’s desires.

• 3 group meetings, 1- 1.5 hours each, depending on the size of the group.
• Individual phone consults in between each meeting, 10 minutes each.
• Ongoing phone and email support as needed throughout the detox. 

Cost of Nourishment Cleanse Workshop

Group Rates --6 or more participants

$250 per person

Private and semi-private detox groups

• Individual cleanse -- $425

• 1-2 people- $350

• 3-5 people-- $300 per person.

To Register

For more information or to sign up for the Spring Nourishment Cleanse Workshop please contact Ilana:, 617. 642. 5328.

Nourishment Cleanse developed by Halé Sofia Schatz:



I had realized for some time that changing my diet was the way to go toward feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically better.  But between mothering my 2 young children, my professional work, and the rest of life, I was unable to make the commitment without assistance. Ilana lovingly guided me through the cleanse, supported me from where I was coming from, encouraged me gently to challenge myself and honor who I truly am and who I want to become. It has been almost one year since the first cleanse I did with Ilana, and my life has profoundly changed. Cleansing with Ilana has become a touchstone in my life."

--Pam, mom, family physician



 Ilana Margalit