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Oasis Moments

Cultivating Ease & Vitality 5 minutes at a Time

Workshops -

Craving more balance and vitality? In this interactive workshop you will learn simple self care practices, from breathing to gratitudes to nourishing foods you can feed yourself with ease at work. You will leave with the workshop with ideas of how to live a more nourished life.

Please contact Ilana for details on how to offer this workshop at your place of work.

617. 642. 5328,   ilana@ilanamaraglit.com















" Ilana is a very clear and warm presenter and very knowlegeable about nutrition. She is also very responsive to the interests of her audience. Ilana educated us on how to approach nutritional challenges with our children as well as ourselves in order to maximize our health and well-being. Ilana is truly a wealth of information about how nutrition can be a tremendous force for healing mind, body and spirit."

-Laura, mom, therapist


 Ilana Margalit