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Ilana Margalit is an acupuncturist, nourishment counselor and Chinese herbalist. In her practice she has successfully treated a wide range of health issues including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis, auto-immune disease, weight loss, acne, allergies, insomnia, depression, PMS, anxiety, headaches, and back pain.

Nourishment Counseling is based on the idea that our food choices and eating habits have profound effects on our overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. What is unique about Ilana's practice is that clients are supported to overcome stumbling blocks--be it time constraints, cooking skills, or emotional blocks to name a few, that often prevent them from following the nutrition advice of their doctor. They learn to choose foods that help them feel more energetic, centered, and alive.

As a parent Ilana is in touch with how challenging it can be to feed the whole family amidst the many demands of family life. This is more important than ever in our modern world that bombards us daily with countless unhealthy, highly processed foods options. When parents eat foods that nourish them--make them feel good and vibrantly alive, they are better equipped to teach their children to do the same.

Ilana leads Mindful Eating Workshops. These workshops offer people an opportunity to explore their eating habits in a supported environment. Participants learn and practice the tools needed to shift unhealthy patterns of eating so they are able to make lasting changes to how they feed themselves. She also lead seasonal cleanses. The Nourishment Cleanse (TM) is a wonderful annual tune-up for all aspects of yourself—body, mind, and spirit. It is an opportunity to cleanse your body of toxins, clarify your intentions, and awaken to your deeper self.

In her practice Ilana draws from the the practical wisdom of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and nourishment counseling. For 18 years she has experienced how effective these systems are in helping people come into a place of greater balance. Take another step on your journey towards more vibrant health. Set up a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to see if working with Ilana would be a good fit for you.


Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


“As a mother, physician, and health enthusiast, I have long thought about the impact of our food choices on our health and our environment; however, I was amazed by the power of the two week cleanse I did with Ilana. Just making the commitment forced me to slow down and see on an even more granular level how some of the food choices I had been making were impacting my energy levels and moods. I felt more calm and grounded even in the midst of a chaotic clinical day! Thank you for this gift of the cleanse."

  --Katherine, mom, family physician





 Ilana Margalit