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I will teach you how to cook Nourishing Food

Learn to cook nourishing foods for yourself and your family. After just one cooking lesson YOU will feel significantly be more confident and joyful in your own kitchen. I offer individual and group classes. Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a class

Join Ilana's Monthly Soup Group

Once each month Ilana will cook you a nourishing vegetarian soup, a Guatemalan black bean stew, and brown rice.

The menu is simple, the food is transformative! Glowing references available upon request. If you are interested please contact Ilana.

Soup Examples

• Curried Coconut Red Lentil Soup
• Ginger, Leek, Sweet Potato Miso Vegetable Soup • Mushroom Barley Soup
• Golden Split Pea Soup

Soup Group Pricing:

Soup: $65 per week (8-10 generous servings worth of soup)

Black Beans & Rice: $20/week for 6-8 servings

Soup Group Pick Up:

Mondays, between 3 pm-8 pm at Ilana’s home in Newtonville. All food is packed in reusable glass jars.

2019 Soup Group Dates 

Monday, January 7, Winter White Bean Soup with Mineral Broth Base

"It's not just that Ilana cooks us incredibly healthy, tasty and nourishing food, but that she cooks with a spiritual mindset. Because of this, one feels that her food is infused with so much more than vitamins and minerals. In addition, she takes in to account the health issues of the family and cooks food that is uniquely satisfying for them to enjoy."

Dorit, mom, teacher


"Ilana's cooking synthesis so many of our family values; locally grown vegetables, eating new foods in a sustainable fashion, and beautiful, delicious nourishment for our family. As two working parents, we so appreciate the attention to detail and the nourishing outcome!"

--Rebecca, mom, physician


"Ilana makes food that is delicious to taste, and at the same time it feels deeply nourishing. We highly recommend having her cook for you and your family. It will change your life for the better. Our whole family looks forward to the nights when Ilana makes us dinner. Our kids love Ilana's cooking as much as we do."

--Susan, mom, chaplain, and Thea--mom, photo editor

 Ilana Margalit