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Kale Arame Salad

Kale Arame Salad

Two of the first spring greens to emerge are chives and dandelion greens. Feel free to use these seasonal ingredients in place of the kale and carrots. This recipe is very flexible. What makes it special are the arame and the dressing. Everything else is ripe for experimentation! 

1 package of arame (approximately 1.76 oz or 50 g)
1 cup of kale, finely chopped
2 medium carrots, grated
1-2 shallot bulbs, finely chopped


3 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
3 tablespoons tamari sauce (or liquid coconut aminos or Braggs aminos)
3 tablespoons brown rice vinegar (or lemon juice)
3 tablespoons gomasio

•  Soak arame in medium sized bowl with just enough water to cover for 20 to 30     minutes. Drain liquid (save the water for your plants).
•  While arame soaks prep the vegetables. Rip kale leaves off the stems. Chop the kale leaves very finely.
• Grate carrots and dice shallots.
• To make the dressing mix together the toasted sesame oil, tamari, brown rice vinegar, and gomasio in a jar with a lid and shake well.
• Mix the vegetables into the arame. Add the dressing and mix gently.