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Liver Cleanse Recipe

This simple 10 day morning detox practice benefits the liver and is a powerful way to recharge and get back on track after the holiday season. I first learned about it in my mid-twenties from one of my mentors, Halé Sofia Schatz ( I was amazed at how powerful this simple combination of foods could be. If the garlic feels like too much you can omit it entirely. This is a great practice to do once or twice a year.

Grapefruit is contradicted with some medications. If that is the case for you, simply use a fresh squeezed orange instead of the grapefruit.

Length:  10 days

The Recipe 

• Juice of one grapefruit   (If you can't have grapefruit due to your medications use an orange instead.)

• Fresh squeezed juice of a lemon

• 1-2 garlic cloves, pressed 

• 1 Tablespoon flax seed oil or olive oil

• 1 teaspoon of soy lecithin (organic/non-gmo) optional

• Eat a sprig of parsley to eliminate the garlic from your breath. 


Drink the grapefruit-garlic mixture first thing in the morning, then wait at least 20 minutes before eating. 

The grapefruit and lemon should be squeezed fresh each day.
If the garlic is too harsh for your stomach, you may omit it.

You can omit the garlic and continue this cleanse throughout January and February as a quick mid-winter pick-up.