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Shock & Trauma Protocol

Below are some natural remedies for self care in the presence of shock and trauma. These suggestions come from a trusted healer Gabrielli LaChiara--the founder of the Infinity School of Healing.

All of these suggestions are useful for almost anyone to balance themselves in dealing with shock and trauma. There are other herbs, oils and homeopathics that also work, but sometimes they over stimulate people. This list will work in most situations without causing more overload before the support kicks in!

Homeopathic Shock Protocol

The three homeopathic remedies are in a sense "one" protocol. You take them in the order I wrote them, 3 - 7 pellets of Ignatia first, then within 1/2 hour Gelsemium and then Arnica.  The whole protocol is "constitutional" and is designed to address shock. 

Ignatia Amara 1M, 3 - 5 pellets

Gelsemium 200C, 3 - 5p pellets

Arnica 1M, 3 - 5 pellets

The dosages (ie: 1M, 200C) are very important as is the order in which you take them.

Daily Remedy Help

Gelsemium, 30C, can be used daily, and is good for overwhelm and anxiety.

Aconitum, 30C, can be used for shock as well, and for fast occuring symptoms even cold symptoms that come on quickly, or fear that rises up fast.

Arsenicum Album 30C, addresses poisoning, especially food but also when stress results in symptoms like diarrhea or belly aches.

Nux Vomica 30C, helps to re-balance after episodes of acting out, over eating, feeling hung over by life, indulging in anything including emotions.

Natrum Muricatum 30C, for that feeling of hopelessness, apathy, giving up.

Star of Bethlehem is a flower essence, you can add 3 droppers full to a water bottle to help calm the nervous system down. Can drink this every day, all day.

Detox Bath

4 cups epsom salts, juice of 4 lemons and 1 teaspoon baking soda. Bathe for 30 minutes, getting the brain stem in too!  

Safe Space

Create containers for people to share safely with one another.  Help those of us more privileged to find a way to support all in need.  We need to be honored for the shock and fear. It's real. AND, we need to find ways to not get paralyzed as well, care is so helpful.


Gather organizations and all info that's helpful. Let's keep sharing resources. Choosing where to put one's attention can be super helpful.


Take care of friend's children, and give space to parent's who need to feel but are doing everything they can to protect their children from too much pain or info and normalize their own lives.  They might need time to process without their children around. 

 Ilana Margalit